Sep 142009
If you work on the web you in all probability own a Gmail account. Also, you may be using Gmail for managing your important communication -official or personal. Many of us own multiple google accounts and we know how irritating it is to log out of one and then log in to other and then switch back. Also you want to take notes at times but don’t get it in Gmail. Moreover you may want to sort mails in a hierarchical folder structure but can’t do this using default Gmail Labels. You can do all this and more.How?? Read on. .

Sep 112009

Bored with your Firefox’s jaded look??

Try Personas in Firefox to dress up your browser for that sizzling look to make your browsing stylish and energetic.Firefox Personas is a Mozilla Labs experiment and Personas are actually web arts available as skins in Firefox.Just install Personas Addon and keep experiencing freshness by changing skins from Personas gallery. Continue reading »

Sep 092009

If you use desktop search on windows Vista or XP or Windows 7 you must have faced the annoyance of using Windows search.It’s simply irritating to see that green bar shining intermittently without showing that important as hell, file, you know exists!!!!! Windows XP search is also inadequate though less annoying as compared to Vista. Continue reading »

Aug 032008

Google has launched its new service Google Knol to encourage users to contribute articles on their choice of subjects.Its similar to wikipages but with a little difference.Here author’s identity is their for all to see.You can log in with your existing Google account or you can create a new one if you wish.His profile, his other contributions, his ratings etc. is available to viewers.

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Jul 292008

Organizing your digital pictures can be a daunting task if you are an avid collector and have hundreds of digital pics to keep.Moreover you may want to retouch/edit/print/backup your pics on the fly while arranging them.Google Picasa gives you a great tool to reduce your image handling hassles in a major way.

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Jul 262008 have a website or a blog and you want to sell products through it.But where to get that cool ‘Buy it‘ or ‘Add to cart‘ button functionality.Thankfully you can get such a service online at Mal’s E-Commerce website .The website offers both free and paid services but free service is pretty enough for a beginner’s purpose or for a small online store.

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