Sep 172017
iPhone X – 2017 – Price, RAM, Memory Storage, Camera and Display features
Find out Apple iPhone X RAM, Memory, Display, Camera features and price in US and India. iPhone X is the new phone from Apple which was launched in recent Apple event in Newyork. With the vision of an intelligent device which can respond to a tap, your voice and even a glance the iPhone X is a geek’s delight.

Oct 052011
Virtual Personal Assistant (Siri) in iPhone 4S

Apple announced a new feature named Siri in iPhone 4S launched on Oct 4,2011. Siri is a Virtual Personal Assistant designed to take, interpret and respond to your voice commands. In essence, Siri talks to you to find out what you want and does the job for you. Watch this awesome video from Apple to see Siri in action.

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Oct 042011
Apple iPhone 4S latest features

Apple has launched its new improved iPhone 4S at the Apple launch event “Let’s talk iPhone“. Apple iPhone 4S is an improved version of Apple iPhone 4 and is expected to surpass the earlier version with some major feature improvements. Take a look at what are the latest features of iPhone 4S.

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Oct 022011
bill gates vs steve jobs

A cool infographic from WebDesignShock depicting the life and times of two of the greatest technology leaders of all times: Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. Both are iconic leaders and this infographic compares their lives in a “Timeline” to tell you where they have been and what they have done!!

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Dec 252010
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