May 142012
Best Free Windows 8 Metro UI Style Theme For Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 8 Metro UI has captured everyone’s attention for its cool modern looks and innovative interface design. Here are 3 free Windows 8 Metro UI themes to give you a taste of Windows 8 Metro UI style on your Windows 7 or Vista or XP machines before it is available officially.

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Apr 292012
Free Cloud Storage Services to Store, Send, Share Large Files Online

Cloud storage is quickly gaining popularity among people who want to access their documents , music, media etc. always, where ever they are and whatever device they are using.Here is a list of 10 Free cloud storage services providers, useful to store and access your important data online. Continue reading »

Oct 132011
Check your browser security using

Web has become our preferred medium for shopping, travel planning, banking and other online transactions. As all these online money transactions are carried out on your computer browser, it has also become a big source of internet frauds and financial crimes. To avoid these risks, check your browser security status first using for ultimate online security.

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Oct 022011
bill gates vs steve jobs

A cool infographic from WebDesignShock depicting the life and times of two of the greatest technology leaders of all times: Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. Both are iconic leaders and this infographic compares their lives in a “Timeline” to tell you where they have been and what they have done!!

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May 212011

Why Bing video search is better than google video search

Google has introduced the instant video previews on Google search page a few days back. Bing already has video previews right from it’s launch (Microsoft did a thoughtful job there!!). As both are rivals in search market we couldn’t stop ourselves from comparing the two services from a user’s prespective.

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