Jul 062012
a quick guide to common technical terms to help you understand your mobile & TV DISPLAY capabilities better.

It is often confusing to compare DISPLAYS of common electronics devices like TVs, Media Players, Mobiles, Tablets etc. due to “hard to understand” technical terms. Here is a quick guide to common technical terms to understand your device DISPLAY capabilities better.

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May 142012
Best Free Windows 8 Metro UI Style Theme For Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 8 Metro UI has captured everyone’s attention for its cool modern looks and innovative interface design. Here are 3 free Windows 8 Metro UI themes to give you a taste of Windows 8 Metro UI style on your Windows 7 or Vista or XP machines before it is available officially.

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Apr 292012
Free Cloud Storage Services to Store, Send, Share Large Files Online

Cloud storage is quickly gaining popularity among people who want to access their documents , music, media etc. always, where ever they are and whatever device they are using.Here is a list of 10 Free cloud storage services providers, useful to store and access your important data online. Continue reading »