Jul 262008

Ok..you have a website or a blog and you want to sell products through it.But where to get that cool ‘Buy it‘ or ‘Add to cart‘ button functionality.Thankfully you can get such a service online at Mal’s E-Commerce website .The website offers both free and paid services but free service is pretty enough for a beginner’s purpose or for a small online store.

It allows you to simply add a ‘buy me’ button to your page.Clicking on this button takes the your potential customer to the mal’s site where other functionalities like ‘add to cart’ and payment options are shown to her.This database is kept on the mal’s site and the site claims it to be a secure system.

It offers facilities like tax calculations,shipping information etc. to help you start selling products and services right away.It offers preferred currency types and confirmation email facilities.That is you get an email when a customer places an order and the system can be configured to send a personalized custom receipt email to the customer.The site don’t process any credit card or payment and that has to be done via your own merchant account with a bank or through third part payment processors.You can visit the site at Mal’s E-Commerce website and you can visit their demo store to get a good feel of the service..So go ahead and start your very own online store for free!