Sep 112009

Bored with your Firefox’s jaded look??

Try Personas in Firefox to dress up your browser for that sizzling look to make your browsing stylish and energetic.Firefox Personas is a Mozilla Labs experiment and Personas are actually web arts available as skins in Firefox.Just install Personas Addon and keep experiencing freshness by changing skins from Personas gallery.

A long list of various categories is available like Abstract, Film, Seasons, Music etc. You can see how your browser will look with new skin by just hovering your mouse pointer over the desired Personas image. When you are happy with what you see, just choose your style and hit the “wear this” button to spice up your Firefox experience.

You can share Personas with your friends.My favorite three Personas are Burning Guitar [Music], Abstract Black [Abstract] and Yosemite [Scenery].

Whats more!! You can create your own personalized Personas on and publish them under creative commons license. You can also choose to keep them private.For creating Personas you need to provide Header and Footer images in at least 2500×200 pixels size.Choose your colors and submit it. Please do remember to use only your own copyrighted material to avoid legal issues.You can see and edit your created Personas under Gallery>My section on

Personas can be a great way to build your brand online or to earn name as a web art designer.So go ahead and make the Firefox look the way you always wanted it to look.