Jul 032011
[Sunday Video] Lifehacker video tour of Google Plus

Google has launched its own Social Networking Service called Google Plus. Internet world is abuzz with updates about this service which is being billed as a potential “Facebook killer”. However, many of us have not been able to join Google Plus as it is “By invitation only” now. However you can see a video tour of Google plus in this video by Lifehacker. Nicely explained!!

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Jun 192011
How to clean dust and fingerprints from your iPhone or iPad

Owning an iPhone or iPad ? If you have ever wondered how to clean those little obstinate specks of dust from your gadgets or how to totally remove finger prints from the screen of your iPhone or iPad, check out this video by  on how to do it safely and beautifully. Happy Sunday!!

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Jun 112011
Google's Master Plan

See an stylishly produced and amazingly fluid video depicting Google’s supposed secret Master Plan to take over the world by using the gigantic pool of data it has residing on its servers.The video has been uploaded by . The effects are quite classy and the color combinations in the video give it that eerie feeling.Must Watch!!!

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May 222011

android Appman video

Android from Google has become one of the most used mobile operating system in the world. “Android Market Mobile Apps Video” directed by Greg Rowan is a cool animation video highlighting the enormous number of apps which exist for Android mobile devices using the concept of an “App Man”.

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May 212011

Why Bing video search is better than google video search

Google has introduced the instant video previews on Google search page a few days back. Bing already has video previews right from it’s launch (Microsoft did a thoughtful job there!!). As both are rivals in search market we couldn’t stop ourselves from comparing the two services from a user’s prespective.

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