Dec 102012
Download Free Windows 8 start menu apps

Windows 8 has no “Start Menu” button in the desktop mode as Microsoft thought it to be a less used unnecessary burden after new Win8 Metro Start Screen. But if you disagree, here are five free Windows Start Menu Apps to let you have that Start button back.

1. StartMenu8

StartMenu8 is Windows 8 start menu app to give you an easy way to access your most used applications and programs. It brings back both the start button and Windows Start Menu.

StartMenu8 is free Windows 8 start menu app

Option to skip Metro start page, allowing users who only work on desktop to boot to Windows 8 desktop directly is also available. It is designed and developed by iObit and is supported through email and community forums.

2. StartMenu7

startmenu7 windows 8 start button app

StartMenu7 was actually developed for Windows 7 but as all Win 7 apps are compatible with Windows 8 OS, it will help you get back your Start Button and Start menu for free. Salient features of StartMenu7 as quoted on it’s homepage are as follows:

  • Open any location on your PC with a single click. 
  • There is a specialRun button to access seldom used locations without adding them into menu. 
  • Start Menu 7 has a customizable Power Buttons panel. 
  • With Power Timer feature you can delay any of power management operations.

3. Classic Shell Start Menu

Classic Shell start menu is a Sourceforge project which brings back your classic Windows Start menu.

 classic shell effective replacement for missing Start button in Windows 8

It is a simple but very effective replacement for missing Start button in Windows 8.

4. Pokki 

Pokki is one of the most popular app to replace missing Windows 8 Start Menu. It is a powerful enhancement over earlier Windows 7 Start menu.

Pokki app to replace missing Windows 8 Start Menu

Pokki gives easy access to Shutdown, Control Panel etc. Pokki also features an App Store of its own to download other nifty Windows Apps.

5. WIN8Startbutton

Win8startbutton is a free and unique software package that offers you powerful programs to enhance Windows8 experience.”

Win8startbutton is a free windows 8 start menu

Prime features of this free app are (quoted from homepage)

  • Restore Windows Start button and Start menu on Windows 8!
  • Make ‘desktop mode’ as your default Windows startup screen
  • Choose appearance: classic windows, aero mode, Win 7 and more!
  • Restore all your familiar windows menus and options
Besides these free replacements for Windows 8 Start Menu, there are some awesome paid apps too like Start8 from StarDock. Choose your favorite one and boost your productivity with Windows 8.