Dec 302010

chrome voice searchGoogle has launched a new free Chrome Extension “Voice Search” in Chrome Web Store to enable users of Google’s Chrome web browser to perform a voice search on a number of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search. Here is how to enable this Voice Search feature in Chrome Browser on your desktop.



1. If you are on Chrome version 9 or higher you need to enable speech input on Google Chrome. To do this :

Go to the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop or in taskbar and right click on it [Shift+RightClick on Windows7].

Go to “Properties”

chrome voice search setting

In “Target” field paste ‘–enable-speech-input‘ without quotes after the previous path. For example on my computer it is like this:

Original Path:

“C:\Documents and Settings\ACER\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”

Modified Path:

“C:\Documents and Settings\ACER\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” --enable-speech-input

Don’t forget to add a space after the original path before pasting            –enable-speech-input.

chrome voice search setting

Now Apply settings and press “OK” .

2. Now open the Chrome Browser and go to Chrome Web Store to install the “Voice Search” for free. Click on Install and wait for a few seconds. .

chrome voice search setting

Voice Search icon will appear  just next to the address bar in Google Chrome. Restart the browser and you are ready for searching by speaking into the microphone. For example say “Commonwealth” to search for Commonwealth Games and more.

Chrome Voice Search Settings



You can set the default search engine by going to the options page by right clicking on Voice Search icon and selecting “options”.




On Voice Search Options page you can select the default search engine,delete the search engine and enable or disable website integration.

Chrome Voice Search Settings options

To enable the Voice Search in incognito mode, go to Chrome Extensions Manager page in Chrome options and select the check-box as shown below. However remember that you are compromising your incognito privacy by doing this.

Chrome Voice Search Settings options


Now whenever you want to do voice search just click on the little voice search icon on the browser bar or in Google Search Box and speak your desired search term to start a search.

Chrome Voice Search Settings

Though the application is still experimental as per Voice Search Chrome App developers, it is fairly accurate. Try it yourself and don’t forget to share your experience in comments.