Dec 072010

Suppose you have four different legitimate “in use” email accounts. Say one is with Yahoo,two with Gmail and one with Hotmail. Well, this is really tedious to check these multiple mail accounts at once for new mails. So If I assume you have to check all four accounts everyday and even respond to some of the mails as your friend circle is also unevenly distributed amongst these mail ids, then it is a tiring task to do it everyday. Now what are your options? Read on to find out what are the methods available to access these different mail accounts at once in one go.

Access multiple=

Set up mail forwarding from all mail accounts to a single mail account

As for Gmail and Yahoo accounts you can set up mail forwarding from all these accounts to one account which I must say should preferably be a Google/Gmail account because of other associated Google services that you access like YouTube and Orkut etc. But some email services like Rediffmail do not provide mail forwarding feature so this method has it’s limitations. In any case, if all your accounts have this mail forwarding feature you can easily setup mail forwarding to one account and save yourself the hassle of checking all accounts separately.

Set up set up multiple POP accounts in an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird

You can use an email client like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to access all your mail accounts by configuring multiple POP accounts for separate mail service providers.This is certainly a clean and elegant way of accessing all your mails at one place.How ever this method should be used on a personal secure computer to ensure your privacy.

To setup multiple email POP accounts in Outlook see This link . Explained nicely by Redmond folks.

Another useful tip will be to categorize your mail from multiple POP3 accounts and manage it more effectively. See this Robert Sparnaaij’s post to learn how to do this.

For Thunderbird help see This link about managing Thunderbird Mail Accounts.

If you have only Gmail accounts you can use a Firefox Greasemonkey script to login to multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously.You can see This Post to learn how to do it and to download the Greasemonkey script.

You can also use a free email client Zimbra Desktop to access your mails. As it is developed by Yahoo, it is a must if you have multiple accounts on Yahoomail beacuase of smooth integration with yahoo services.

Access your mails using Portable Email Clients

If you happen to move around a lot, switching between a number of desktops or computers, you can  check your mail from  all your mail accounts using a portable email client. Two such portable email clients worth trying are Portable Thunderbird and Pegasus Mail which can both run from a USB drive or pen drive with all your desired settings to give you a seamless experience.

Access your mails using Online Email Clients

If you are online most of the time you can use web based mail clients like Mail2Web and Fuser which provide a shared inbox for accessing all your email accounts. So if you are not paranoid about checking your mails using a third party web service this is a nice alternative.