Jan 202011
activate GPRS and manually set GPRS settings for AirTel GPRS and “AirTel Live”

In this post we will tell you how to subscribe, activate GPRS and manually set GPRS configuration settings to get AirTel  GPRS and “AirTel Live” working on your handset as we have covered earlier for Reliance Mobiles. Instructions to manually set AirTel GPRS services and AirTel Live on AirTel mobile for  Mobile web browsing are also discussed.

Get AirTel GPRS activation and automatic settings for your Handset

To subscribe and activate GPRS on AirtTel prepaid or postpaid GSM connection

To subscribe and activate GPRS on AIRTEL

SMS moa to 52818 to activate Airtel GPRS

SMS mo to 2567 for GPRS settings

Activate  AirTel Live by sending LIVEACT to 511

De-activate AirTel Live by sending LIVEDEACT to 511

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If you can not get automatic configuration settings for your mobile handset from AirtTel you will have to enter GPRS settings manually as described below.

Manual GPRS  settings for AirTel

Homepage – www.airtel.in/live
User Name – <blank>
Password – <blank>
Proxy – yes.
Proxy  Server Address –
Proxy  Server Port – 8080
Data bearer – GPRS/ Packet Data.
Access Point Name – airtelgprs.com
Authentication Type – Basic/None/Normal
Use preferred access point – No

Manual settings for AirTel LIVE

Account Name – Airtel_live
Homepage – http://live.airtelworld.com
Username – <blank>
Password – <blank>
Proxy – Yes
Proxy Server Address –
Access point Name – Airtelfun.com
Proxy Server Port – 8080
Data bearer – GPRS/ Packet Data
Authentication Type – Basic/None/Normal

Enjoy the fast internet surfing on your AirTel GSM mobile !!