Jan 142011

Mobile phone market is suffering from problem of plenty. Everyday you hear a new phone being launched. In this scenario if you want to buy a new mobile phone it seems to be a mind boggling task.Which phone will be the ‘right choice‘ for you? Read on to find out!!

Guide to buy mobile phone

While buying a mobile phone you need to consider these Factors

1. Cellphone Price

Fix your budget first.This is important because if you want to buy a 3G phone but you don’t have budget for that, there is no point in going after it.Just take a rough estimate as to what your lower and upper limits are and then go to step two.These days you can get mobiles at as low as 20$ (or Rs. 1000 in india).

2. Usage requirements/featurs required

It depends a lot on what you are thinking of doing with your phone.Let’s break it down to three types of usages:
For general Use (for talking to friends,messaging etc.)

Buy a general purpose phone.These are the cheapest and you can look for a host of fancy features like Dual Sim, Memory chip,Basic Music palyer,Fm radio etc. without stressing your budget too much.Go for any branded mobile having these features and you will do fine.

For extended use (for talking to friends,messaging,music,photo etc.)
Besides doing all that talk and texting, if you want to listen to music and capture photos on your phone look for a phone with minimum 3.2 megapixel camera and stereo speakers with headphone.Moreover your phone should have a minimum 1GB memory card slot to store your music.Also, check it has data cable and associated software available to download and upload music.

For business use (for talking to friends,messaging,music, photo,web,email,documents etc.)

If you want to use your cellphone for business purpose or for official work then it needs to be equipped with support for email clients to read mails easily.If mails are your prime communication media consider phones with push email services like Blackberry. Otherwise you can also avail third party services like Blacmail for getting pushmail service on any phone.
Besides it must support the installation of other widgets related to your work.For example if you are in banking sector you may want to keep urself updated with stockprices, so you need to install a widget for that. You may also need to have office application suite to work in word or powerpoint.
Check if your phone supports java applications. Also, it must support 3G and WLAN.
Also, look around the web if enough applications are available for your desied mobile phone model. Obviously such an advanced phone is going to cost more.However,these days such phones are also available at an affordable price.

3. Battery life (yes.. it aint no use if its dead every 6 hours!!)

4. Cellphone Standard features
You must look for these features in a decent affordable mobile Phone or cellphone.
1. Calling and messaging service.(It should be obvious!!)
2. Bluetooth
3. FM player
4. Basic Music Player
5. Polyphonic Tones
6. Wap browser/GPRS support
7. Alarm Clock

5. Cellphone Features – For business users

In addition to features mentioned above, a business phone should have -
a) Email Client
b) Office suite to work with documents like Word or PowerPoint
c) Support for apps or widgets
d) An advanced web browser to use as alternate web browser
e) 3G and Wlan
f) Secondary Camera for video calling

6. Much advertised but in general little used Cellphone  Features

These are features that can make a phone costly but you need to think about their utility to you before paying that extra money for these fancy features. You can easily avoid them and save money.

1. Maps ( Useful only for major routes and major cities.Needs a high speed network and the actual street level navigation is still in nascent stages to be too useful and reliable for an ordinary user)
2. Advanced Social Sharing widgets (Actually useful only for a total social networking addict.Besides you need to have a high speed network which is not available everywhere.)
3. Watching Videos or Live TV (How many times you will trade a TV for a Mobile with a 3.2 inch screen to watch a movie and for that matter, how long can you watch it on that tiny cellphone screen??)
4. High Music Volume (The advertisements with party goers gyrating to music from a mobile phone are awful!!). In my humble opinion, the sound quality should be loud enough for personal listening.That’s enough!!)
5. Audio Out (Little use if you already have a music system or music playing device.

So if you are buying a new mobile phone keep these things in mind and you will definitely get a value for money device to keep you connected. Share your views or ideas on this in comments!!