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I am frequently asked how to enable GPRS on a mobile phone. The easiest way to get GPRS settings on any mobile handset on any network like Airtel, BSNL, Idea etc. is by sending a simple SMS to the network Provider. Read on to get all information required to send SMS to get GPRS settings on any Mobile (GSM) service network in India.

GPRS settings on mobile phone

GPRS settings on AIRTEL

To subscribe and activate GPRS on AIRTEL

SMS moa to 52818 to activate Airtel GPRS

SMS mo to 2567 for GPRS settings




GPRS settings on IDEA

To subscribe and activate GPRS on IDEA

SMS FRESH to 4666 .

Instructions will be sent to your mobile.Just save them to configure your mobile handset.

In case you change your mobile handset later,you will need new settings specific to your mobile handset. For this

Send SMS to 4666 in the following format:

GPRS <minimum first three letters of your handset make> <Handset model No.>

For example: SMS GPRS NOK 5800 to 4666

Nok is for Nokia, Similarly SAM for Samsung etc.

GPRS settings on BSNL

To subscribe and activate GPRS on BSNL

SMS XXX to 58355 to get the GPRS on 2G/3G nETWORK.

Here XXX corresponds to

BSNL – bsnlnet, bsnllive, bsnlstream, bsnlmms

LIVE – bsnlive

TV – bsnlstream

NET – bsnlnet

MMS – bsnlmms

For GPRS settings on your BSNL phone

SMS BSNL to 58355

Note: The default PIN is 1111.

GPRS settings on VODAFONE

To subscribe and activate GPRS (Vodafone live Settings)on VODAFONE

SMS VL to 52586

Settings will be sent to your mobile.Just save them as default settings to configure your mobile handset.

GPRS settings on TATA DOCOMO

To subscribe and activate GPRS on TATA DOCOMO

SMS INTERNET to 52270 (toll free on Tata DOCOMO home & chargeable on non DOCOMO Network)

Save the received settings. Default Access Point will be DOCOMOINTERNET APN (Access Point Name).

GPRS settings on RELIANCE

To subscribe and activate GPRS on RELIANCE GSM

SMS all to 55100

You can also get the GPRS settings by sending message from R-Menu. You just have to click on

R-Menu >Get settings>GPRS settings

When you select GPRS settings automatis SMS will be sent after confirmation and you will recieve the settings.

GPRS settings on AIRCEL

To subscribe and activate GPRS on AIRCEL

SMS PI to 121


SMS WEBPR <Handset Model> to 582346 (For Prepaid Subscriber)


SMS WEBPO <Handset Model> to 582346 (For Postpaid Subscriber)

For Example, A prepaid customer has to send WEBPR Nokia 6300 to 582346 to get GPRS setings on his/her mobile.

Just save the settings received from your network operator and open your mobile web browser to surf the net. You will be asked in most cases to choose the default access point from the list of saved access points.Just select the appropriate access point name or APN and you are set to surf the net.

In some cases recieved settings may not work for your particular mobile handset model.In case you don’t get the settings at all or settings recieved do not work, I will suggest you to simply call the customer Care of your network provider and ask for GPRS settings.They will send the correct settings for your particular mobile handset model.

So go ahead and browse the internet from your mobile phone on the move.

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