Jul 042012
How to Clean Touch Screen of Your Mobile phone or Tablet
Cleaning Touch Screens of your touch enabled devices like mobiles (iPhone or iPad) or tablets can be a non-trivial task as a little negligence can damage your expensive device. Here are some tips to clean your Touch Screens the right way.

These are tips to clean the touch screens of your iPhone, iPad, Android phones / tablets and Windows phones.

  Prepare to Clean your Touch Screen

  • Use a lint free soft cloth (preferably Microfiber) for cleaning the touch screen.
  • Use screen cleaning solutions available in the market both online and offline. You can buy iPhone screen cleaning kits like those from Klear Screen etc. on Ebay or Amazon. They will work well for any touch screen device.
  • Switch off your phone at least 10 minutes before cleaning and take out the battery.

Steps to clean your Touch Screen

  • Blow air on your touch screen to blow away any dirt particles etc. clinging to the touch screen. These particles can leave micro scratches on the touch screen surface while cleaning.
  • Spray the screen cleaning solution on the cleaning cloth. Don’t use water or any other substance or chemical etc. as cleaning agent. Use genuine specialized cleaning solutions. Check if your device manufacturer (OEM) either makes or recommends a particular screen cleaning solution.
  • Never spray any solution directly on your phone as it may damage the phone.
  • Make sure the cleaning cloth is not dripping wet.
  • Gently clean the touch screen without pressing too  much. It is  easier to notice dirt marks, scratches and fingerprints on a cold dark touch screen and gentle wiping only is required to clean the device.
  • Don’t try to clean dirt particles buried deep inside edges etc. Take your phone or tablet to care center for that kind of deep cleaning.
  • Dry with another soft cloth.
  • You are done cleaning your touch screen device.

These are the basic steps you need to follow to clean your touch screen mobile phone or tablet. If you have any other tip to clean the touch screen device please share in the comments below or tip us on Twitter at @indigic.

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