Sep 032013
self destruct tweets

Want your tweet to self destruct or auto delete after a fixed time?? Now you can set your self destructive tweets to auto delete using an online app called Twitter Spirit. read on to find out how you can create self destructive tweets.

Posting self destructive tweets may be useful in some cases like:

a. You are running a twitter contest and want your tweet to self delete after contest is over.

b. You want to have fun with your friends on twitter.

c. You want to un-clutter your timeline by temporary tweets which self destruct.

There are two services you can use to create self destructing tweets.

1. Twitter Spirit

Spirit is a service which allows you to attach a time hash tag (for e.g. #6m for 6 minutes timer ) to your tweets. Then that tweet will self destruct or auto delete itself  after the stipulated time.

spirit self destructing tweet

You can schedule tweets to self destruct in minutes (#5m) or hours (#5h).

self deleting tweet

The tweet in above image deletes after 5 minutes.

You will have to login using your twitter credentials and you are all set. Now while tweeting in normal way whenever you use time hash tags you wil schedule tweets to self destruct after given time.

Visit TwitterSpirit


Efemr provides an identical service with time hash tags (#5m or #5h) but with some added benefits. Yo have to log in using your twitter account and authorize the app.

efemr self destructive tweet

Efemr additionally keep records of all your deleted tweets and displays them on a dashboard showing you the time of your self destructive tweet. You can also retweet the same tweet again from your dashboard. which you can access by logging in with your Twitter account on the Efemr website.

Visit Efemr

So go ahead and create and post self destructive tweets and have fun.

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