Apr 092010

Even if you are an avid twitter user you can not follow each and every tweet about a particular topic in tweet space.For example, if you want to know what people are tweeting about tiger woods or newly launched iPad, logging in twitter will give you tweets from only the people whom you follow.If somebody somewhere posted something very interesting about iPad and tweeted about it, you certainly will loose that info if you are not folowing that particular person or site.
Here is a better way to get latest tweets about a particular topic of your interest as they appear on twitter using your favorite search engine Google.

Lets say you want to know about latest tech sensation iPad. You open Google and type

iPad site:www.twitter.com

without the quotes.Google will show you some results which are not so impresive.
Now click on “Show options” and then click on “Updates” and voila!!

You will get a live stream of tweeets about iPad giving you interesting information and links.

You can search about any topic and get streaming relevant tweets about it in a very sleek way.Same method can be used to find updates about a topic on orkut,buzz,or any other micro blogging site.So, from now on, enjoy live streams about your favorite topics in one go!!!