Aug 132010

Many BSNL broadband service users are now-a-days  automatically being redirected to a site ( for modem firmaware upgrade.Those who don’t want this upgrade are desperately searching for how to solve the “problem” of automatic redirection to ““. Read on to find all about this “motive.bsnl” problem.

motive.bsnl probem

The site offers to download software to upgarde your modem firmware and BSNL self care Software for providing remote support.Here are some facts (rather disappointing facts!!) about this redirection to motive.bsnl problem:

1. The site is not a phishing site and is legitimate BSNL site.A quick traceroute shows the server to be BSNL marketing server ( relax folks!!

2. Redirection to motive.bsnl is a server-side redirection and can’t be solved fully at the client-side (means user’s side).

3. Currently problem is experienced only by users in BSNL’s 117.xx.xx.xx network.Users in other networks can relax until this “service” is “rolled out” for their network.

4. Though many antivirus softwares (including Norton,Avast and Kasparesky) are suspecting the BSNL software and ‘motive.bsnl’ site as malware/virus infected, it’s not true. Both the site and the software are clean.So if you have downloaded and run the application don’t worry about harm to your system.

How to Solve the problem of  automatic redirection to motive.bsnl

Now let’s see what you can do about it.First I will tell you what won’t work:-

1. Changing DNS entires in TCP/IP and in modem since they have nothing to do with it.

2. Re-installing the web browser(s) or changing the browser as this is not a web browser issue.

3. Changing the modem (the poor thing doesn’t even know a bit about it)!!

4.Making a complaint to BSNL as they think being ISP they can roll out any service to improve their broadband services.

What best you can do in this scenario to avoid this “motive.bsnl” redirection??

Note: Best that you will be able to do, is to avoid seeing that annoying page and save time and precious bandwidth on this redirection.Stopping the redirection and continue loading your desired URL is not possible.

1. In Firefox : Go to the advanced settings under Tools>Options and check the “warn me when websites try to redirect..” option. This will stop the page loading at redirection but you need to refresh it to go to desired URL.

Firefox site redirection block

2. In IE : Add the website to the restricted site list.

3. Block the website ( in your firewall.

Following above steps will just save you the hassle of seeing that page again and again and save you a few seconds as well.Obviously best advantage will be for users on slow connections.If you know  a better way to solve the issue please don’t forget to share in comments.

  • vbb

    How can you be so sure that the downloaded software does not contain MALWARE,when more than one AntiVirus solutions are saying it’s infected.
    I am sure that BSNL doesn’t care about protecting its software from Virus Protection and hence it’s quite possible that it contains malware.

    • admin

      Dear vbb,
      I am so sure because I installed the application , run it and my system is still intact with no damage.I scanned with Lavasoft adware and spybot malware detection utility and no detection was made of some malware/virus.In any case false positives are fairly common in antivirus world (Please refer Also, software in all probabilty is not made by BSNL (BSNL has no software team), its from its modem vendor partners.
      Thanks for pointing out an important issue.