May 172012
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Twitter is the micro blogging site of choice for everybody. If you are careful about your tweet impact, here are 5 simple ways to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter. This will help you refine your twitter presence strategy and increase your follower loyalty.

These Twitter tools  tell you who unfollowed you on twitter which is a useful information in many ways:

  • You will know the profile of people unfollowing you and you can fine tune your tweeting strategy to keep such people hooked.
  • You will know which of your tweets caused somebody to unfollow you.
  • You will have a better analysis of your overall twitter social media impact and the success of your tweets and retweets.

Here are the Twitter tools to help you know who unfollowed you on Twitter:

1. mr. unfollowr

You need to follow Mr. Unfollower to get an alert through email and direct message when someone stops following you. It provides a list of users who unfollowed you.

get alert of who unfollowed you on twitter

2. Qwitter

Qwitter is a service that informs you via email when a Twitter member unfollows you. The only downside is it gives you weekly email notifications when someone unfollows you on Twitter.

twitter unfollower alert service

3. m.Twitstat

Twitstat is a mobile Twitter Unfollower Tracker service to let you know who unfollowed you by visiting m.twitstat on your mobile phone. Login with your Twitter account and click on “Extra” and then click on “Exes” which gives you a daily list of people who unfollowed you on Twitter.

mobile service for twitter unfollower tracking

4. Who.Unfollowed.Me

Sign in to this web service Who.Unfollowed.Me using Twitter account and get an email or a Direct Message on Twitter to tell you who unfollowed you by clicking on “Who Unfollowed Me”.

find out who unfollowed you on Twitter

5. TwUnfollow

You can sign in to TwUnfollow using your Twitter account and get notified by email when a follower stops following you. Right now you are notified within 48 hours of unfollow. For more info you can visit TwUnfollow FAQ.get notified by email when a follower stops following you

Which tool do you use to track Twitter unfollowers?? Don’t forget to tell us in comments.

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