Jan 152011

Microsoft has launched a new website development tool WebMatrix to start a website on any topic from scratch without usual technical hassles. WebMatrix software includes site designing, database management and website hosting.

make websites quickly with webmatrix

The cool thing is you can design your site and start blogging on your website or blog in just a few minutes. It is particularly good for people who are new to blogging and who have little technical knowhow on how to set up a website.In true MS style, interface is clean and easy and setting up a great blog or website is a breeze. WebMatrix offers a plethora of choices for choosing your blogging platform and includes popular blogging and website development platforms like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla among others. Here is a quick overview of this utility from Microsoft’s WebMatrix homepage:

website development using webmatrix

The best thing is that it is available for free!! So if you want a quick way to start a website or start blogging without being a nerd just install WebMatrix and race ahead!!