Mar 272013
free android call sms mms blocker

A list of best Call block apps for Android mobile phones. Call blockers or Call block apps are handy tools to avoid unwanted calls, SMS text & MMS messages and secure your privacy. Call block apps are specially useful for girls to block strangers and stalkers.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system on the planet and is used in over 70% mobile phones worldwide. One of the best reasons to buy an Android mobile or smartphone is the vast numbers of apps available on Android phones via Google Play store. One of the most popular kind of apps are Call Blocking and privacy apps.

An Android call blocker app will help you to

  1. Block unwanted call by blocking call from unwanted number
  2. Block unwanted SMS
  3. Keep your privacy by blocking callers like agents and telemarketers
  4. Useful app for girls to avoid stalkers and perverts

Best 5 Call Blocker Android Apps

1. Calls Blacklist Call block app

free android call blacklist app

This is an app by Viad Lee featuring a powerful interface for blocking call, SMS on Android Phone

Compatible with  ANDROID version 2.1 and above

Key Blocking Features:

  • Blacklist unwanted mobile numbers (blocking incoming calls and SMS)
  • Blocked call and SMS Log
  • Blocking private numbers (numbers with no caller Id)
  • Blocking all incoming calls
  • Blocking all incoming SMS
  • Notifies of blocked calls and SMS 
  • works on all Android devices
  •  easy to use
  • lightweight and robust
  • does not consume memory or CPU resources

2.  Mr.Number Blocker 

free Android call blocker mrnumber

Mr, Number blocker is one of the most popular call block apps in Google Play store and why not!! It is an absolutely free fully featured call block app for Android.

Compatible with  ANDROID version 2.1 and above

Key Blocking Features:

  • You can make Blacklist (called Blocklist) unwanted mobile numbers (blocking incoming calls and SMS)
  • Block call and text messages or SMS
  • Block numbers by entire area code
  • Blocking all incoming calls from an entire area code
  • Blocking all incoming SMS
  • Use Reverse Look-up to identify mobile numbers and landlines (It tells you to which region calling number belongs to)
  • works on all Android devices

3. Call Blocker App by Ondrej Kosatka

free android call SMS blocker

Compatible with  ANDROID version 2.1 and above

Key Blocking Features:

  • Block incoming calls and text message from specific numbers 
  • Block all calls not listed in your contact list 
  • Notifying the user in a status bar or as a pop-up message

4. NQ Call Blocker App

free nq mobile call sms mms blocker

Compatible with  ANDROID version 2.0.1 and above

Key Blocking Features:

  • Android app to block unwanted calls and texts
  • Backs up your contact lists so you never lose them
  • Keeps your phone call and SMS message histories private
  • Protects the privacy of calls and messages between you and private contacts

5.  Call Blocker by Embware

Android blocker app

Compatible with  ANDROID version 1.6 and above

Key Blocking Features:

  • Can put numbers in Blacklist and Whitelist
  • Block unwanted calls, MMS messages and text messages
  • Works in the background
  • Low memory imprint
  • No in-app ads

Though all of these free Android Call blocker apps for android mobile phones are fantastic in their own right, my personal favorite has to be Mr. Number Blocker specially due to its reverse lookup feature.

But to each his own. So go ahead try these apps out and find out which one suits you best. Don’t forget to let us and other Indigic readers know your experience in comments below!!