Jul 032011
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Good Morning   Gizmos:

dell postWoke up from a deep sleep by the sound of my ever alert Timex Simpleset alarm clock which sleeps only as much as I do. Grinn…:)

Looked out of the window, down at the garden, with cool fresh morning breeze caressing my face. Pleased, strolling in the house; pressed a shiny black button and thedell post apartment is filled with lilting soft music emanating from my Creative 5.1 home theatre system blending positive energy and creativity.

Time for a quick coffee!!

As my energetic Phillips coffee maker is put to some brewing dell postaction, my stylish Sony Bravia LCD zips through the morning news stories. Being informed is good..Hmmm…

Office   Time   Oops:

dell post

Planned about the day’s work shaving with my sharp but sophisticated Gilette  Readyshaver. While am tying shoelaces, my cool buddy Nokia E7 told me it was getting late. Put on my dependable Swatch mechanical dell postChronograph and rushed to the lift.

Always running like a clock…


Hitting   The   Highway:

dell post

Tossed My droolable Dell inspiron Laptop in the back of my sporty Swift Dzire and set on the course to office. Soft Jazz Music from that trendy Kenwood stereo made me thank my sleek shiny HP 8 GB pen drive supplying those Mp3s!!

Beep..Beep…my workaholic E7 reminded me of a client meeting ahead…

Office   ‘Dell’ight:

dell post

My dashing Dell inspiron came to life as it connected to the HP projector and delivered a super lively flawless presentation. Clients were floored and left after a group snap shot from my always ready E7.

Deal of the day was clinched…Is it getting habitual??…

Gadgeted   Evening:

dell postChecked into foursquare from my E7 sitting in the Taj cafe talking through my cool impressive Nokia Bluetooth headset. Tweeted about the deal and updated facebook status. Thank you E7. Time for some PR…Opened my Dell inspiron, downloaded the group photo from E7 through Bluetooth and sentdell post the mail to client using Wi-Fi hotspot sipping a hot relaxing coffee…

True Gadgeteer..Uhh…

Back   Home   To   Work:

Checked mail on my Dell inspiron using my powerful wireless router before listening to days calls on my talkative Panasonic Answering machine. dell postPopped my spotless iPod earphones into my ears and read my favorite e-book “The Rocketman” on my Dell inspiron.

Why do we still print books at all?


Its   Time   To   Zzzzzzzz…:

Set my sturdy Dell lappy to download a movie online while I sleep. Switched on my Home Theatre, set the sleep timer and slid into my bed immersed in music with my E7 by my side. With these gems of technology, all changes in the ever dynamic maze of life are so easy..


Window is still open since morning with cool breeze still loving me passionately.

Good Night Gizmos…Keep working…!!! (:D

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3ENXSJ77PENXIRRY5H4AJBY7ZQ Mark Henry

    Your article just shows how busy life has become and how various industrial equipments are used for different day to day purpose. 

    • Sid

      That is true Mark…actually it is also a sort of imprisonment..one which we have chosen to live with..Thanks for your thoughts.

  • chitra b
  • Sid

    well not exactly…gadgets tend to chain you too..anyways thanks for sharing your thoughts.