Jan 272011

find a song by lyrics or tunrYou heard a song in your favorite restaurant and now you want to download the song from the web or buy it from somewhere. But now you remember only a few initial words from the song. How to find that song now by Song Name or Artist with lyrics etc. ?? Here are 4 free services to help you do just that.


1. LeosLyrics

find music

Just type those few words that you remember in the search box to search within lyrics of a song and with a little effort you should be getting your favorite song with Artist, Album info and lyrics. Still if you need help with your quest there are active forums of music lovers to help you out. Great service!!

2. Finemeatune.com

find music

It is a similar service with a nice tabled search output. You get a list of matching songs with Song Title, Artist and Lyrics.

3. Songtapper

This is a unique service as you can tap the song tune and let this service find the matching song. Pretty amusing!! See this official video for more info.

4. Shazam

find music

For smartphone users, specially iPhone and other advanced mobile phone users Shazam App is a great medium to find favorite songs info. Just download the Shazam App from Shazam and install it. Then you can hum, whistle or sing the song or play the song to the phone with Shazam App turned on. Shazam will search its database and come up with a good match for the tune played. Try it. It is free to download and use.

If I have missed a worthy service don’t forget to mention it in comments.