Jun 192011
Most amazing interactive Google Doodles

Google over the years has posted many amazing doodles on its homepage. Some doodles are interactive and animated and you can spend fun time playing with them. Here is a compilation of 10 such amazing interactive Google doodles over the years.


1. Les Paul Doodle

This recent musical doodle has reportedly made the world spend 10.7 million man hours estimated to cost $268 million. It is not a simple doodle it is a work of art.

amazing interactive google doodles

Play with Les Paul Doodle

2. Particle doodle

This doodle is made of colorful particles which go nuts as you hover your mouse around.

Particle Most amazing interactive Google Doodles

Play with Particle doodle

3. Pacman Doodle

Play the classic Pacman game in this Doodle. Awesome!!

Pacman Doodle Most amazing interactive Google Doodle

Play with Pacman Doodle

4. Martha Graham Doodle

This animated doodle gives a glimpse of the dancing skills of legendary american modern dancer and choreographer Martha Graham.

Marth Graham google  Doodle

Play Marth Graham Doodle

5. Valentine Day Heart Doodle

This doodle features an interactive Java Applet by Ken Perlin which is lovely and funnily addictive.

Heart google Doodle

Play with Heart Doodle

6. Jules Verne Doodle

A doodle depicting the french author  Jules Verne’s science fiction novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. Drag the handle on the right to tilt the ship and have a tilted view of outside. Awesome!!

Jules Verne google Doodle

Play with Jules Verne Doodle

7. Space Doodle

Hover your mouse over this doodle to launch a rocket in space.

Space google Doodle

Play with Space Doodle

8. World’s Fair Doodle

An innovative way to show the world’s first fair. Hover mouse to explore the doodle through a magnifying glass. Look at the minute animated details gone into designing the doodle and you can’t help being amused.

Worlds Fair google Doodle

Play with World’s Fair doodle

9.  BuckyBall doodle

Watch the desktop toy Buckyball forming and then use your mouse pointer to spin it whichever way you like.

BuckyBall google doodle

Play with BuckyBall doodle

10. Earth Day doodle

Place cursor on various creatures in this doodle to animate them. Simple and beautiful!!

Earth Day google doodle

Play with Earth Day doodle

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