Jun 022011
How to see data usage on 3G or 2G NOKIA

Internet surfing using Mobile 3G or 2G network (using GPRS) has become quite common. However you must check your data usage to see that you are not charged heavily for your internet on your cellphone.Quick tutorial on how to keep track of your data usage while using internet (3G or 2G (GPRS) )


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Apr 302011

Increase your internet speed by using fastest DNS serversIf you feel that though your network bandwidth is sufficient still your web pages are being loaded slowly or after a delay, may be you are using a slow DNS server to fetch web pages. Read on how to  find the fastest DNS servers to fetch webpages superfast?

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Jan 272011

find a song by lyrics or tunrYou heard a song in your favorite restaurant and now you want to download the song from the web or buy it from somewhere. But now you remember only a few initial words from the song. How to find that song now by Song Name or Artist with lyrics etc. ?? Here are 4 free services to help you do just that.


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Jan 092011
Here is a list of 8 super sure ways to download any kind of videos especially Youtube Videos and streaming videos and streaming music files or audio files from practically any website. Download online videos and audio using these simple but powerful utilities.

Dec 242010
Best 5 free web browsers for Mobile Phones or Smartphones
Here is a list of 5 best free web browsers for your mobile phone or smartphone. Each of these browsers have their own strengths and shortcomings. It depends on your requirements which mobile web browser will be suitable for you.Read on to find which one is best for you.Best 5 free web browsers for Mobile Phones/Smartphones

Aug 182010

Blackberry phone service is well known for its Push Email services which are considered highly reliable and lightning fast.This service is available only in select countries.Now users in India can get a blackberry like push email service on their GSM mobile phones to recieve emails from their Gmail,yahoo or rediff mail accounts.

Push Email service in India

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Aug 162010

We all are familiar with common word document formats like .doc or .docx etc.But suppose you recieve a file with a .odt extension from a friend or colleague. How to open a .odt file? Or say you downloaded a guide from web which is in .sxw format. How to read it? TextMaker Viewer is a small document viewer that will let you view all common and uncommon text document formats.Read on to know more.

Odt and Sxw document formats

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