May 242011

How to create disposable or temporary email address in Yahoo MailYou may need a disposable email address for hiding your real identity online while providing your email address to anybody or anywhere online or offline. Now Yahoo in new Yahoo mail beta offers to create and use free disposable or temporary email address to use and throw at your leisure. Read on to learn how.

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Dec 072010

Suppose you have four different legitimate “in use” email accounts. Say one is with Yahoo,two with Gmail and one with Hotmail. Well, this is really tedious to check these multiple mail accounts at once for new mails. So If I assume you have to check all four accounts everyday and even respond to some of the mails as your friend circle is also unevenly distributed amongst these mail ids, then it is a tiring task to do it everyday. Now what are your options? Read on to find out what are the methods available to access these different mail accounts at once in one go.

Access multiple=

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