Jun 022011
How to see data usage on 3G or 2G NOKIA

Internet surfing using Mobile 3G or 2G network (using GPRS) has become quite common. However you must check your data usage to see that you are not charged heavily for your internet on your cellphone.Quick tutorial on how to keep track of your data usage while using internet (3G or 2G (GPRS) )


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Jan 212011

From Jan, 20,2011 Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service is a reality in all telecom circles across India. This day will surely go as a major milestone in the telecom history of India. Here is a brief primer on what Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service is all about and how to avail this facility.

mobile number portability

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Jan 162011
reliance gprs settings

Learn how to subscribe, activate GPRS and manually set GPRS configuration settings to get Reliance GSM GPRS working on your handset. Follow the instructions as provided and enjoy internet, MMS or WAP through Mobile web browser wherever you want.


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Dec 252010
Tracing a mobile phone location by tracing mobile number in India when you get a call from some unknown mobile number can be done using online sevices.You may want to locate the location of caller or cellphone before responding to the call or just to check it’s whereabouts.Here is a list of 5 online resources available to locate or trace a mobile number location in India. tracing mobile number in India

Dec 242010
Best 5 free web browsers for Mobile Phones or Smartphones
Here is a list of 5 best free web browsers for your mobile phone or smartphone. Each of these browsers have their own strengths and shortcomings. It depends on your requirements which mobile web browser will be suitable for you.Read on to find which one is best for you.Best 5 free web browsers for Mobile Phones/Smartphones