Apr 302011

Increase your internet speed by using fastest DNS serversIf you feel that though your network bandwidth is sufficient still your web pages are being loaded slowly or after a delay, may be you are using a slow DNS server to fetch web pages. Read on how to  find the fastest DNS servers to fetch webpages superfast?

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Jan 302011

SEO doctor firefox addonFor new bloggers or webmasters, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is always a challenge. You must have implemented a    number of SEO techniques on your website or blog expecting a traffic boost. But how to know if you have a truly SEO optimized blog or web page? Here is a Firefox Add-on to tell you all about your website’s SEO quality.

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Dec 302010

chrome voice searchGoogle has launched a new free Chrome Extension “Voice Search” in Chrome Web Store to enable users of Google’s Chrome web browser to perform a voice search on a number of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search. Here is how to enable this Voice Search feature in Chrome Browser on your desktop.



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Dec 242010
Best 5 free web browsers for Mobile Phones or Smartphones
Here is a list of 5 best free web browsers for your mobile phone or smartphone. Each of these browsers have their own strengths and shortcomings. It depends on your requirements which mobile web browser will be suitable for you.Read on to find which one is best for you.Best 5 free web browsers for Mobile Phones/Smartphones