Jul 122012
intex mobile suite

Intex is a major mobile handset manufacturer in India. Download Intex Phone   software (PC Suite) and Windows drivers for Intex Phones like IN 4470 to manage your phone by connecting it to a computer or Laptop.

 Download Intex Phone   software (PC Suite) and Windows drivers for Intex Phone


Top selling mobile handset models from Intex are mostly dual sim Models as it offers a wide range of dual sim phone options like GSM+GSM, GSM+CDMA, CDMA+CDMA, etc.

Popular mobile phone models from Intex are IN-8810-V.show, AVATAR_2.8_T&T, IN 4470 etc.  Intex PC Suite is a software pack from Intex which along with mobile phone driver allows you to use the full potential of your smartphone by connecting it to a computer or Laptop.

Intex PC Suite helps you to :

  • Using Intex mobile as Data Modem to surf the Internet on your computer.
  • Transfer and copy songs and videos to Intex phone.
  • Manage data and files on your Intex phone.
  • Backup and transfer phone contacts .
  • Send, read and manage SMS messages.

Intex PC Suite Drivers Download 

Complete list of PC Suite software is available on IntexMobiles official website.

Intex Phone Software (PC Suite) : Download Drivers

However, the list is a little confusing as multiple versions of Intex PC Suite are available. Drivers are also available in many versions. Some specific drivers are also available on the list. You may have to download more than one versions of mobile drivers and PC Suite to find the right software for your mobile phone.

You can download Intex PC Suite software and Intex mobile drivers from official website here.

We will suggest you to download the latest versions of PC suite for new or recent mobile phones and older versions for older models.

Also, You will find mostly RAR or ZIP files of  the PC Suite as well as phone drivers. Download these files and open / extract them using any unzip software like Winzip, WinRar, 7Zip, OpenFreely etc.

Install Intex PC Suite Drivers

After downloading the driver and PC suite first unzip the files and extract them to separate folders. Now first install the Intex mobile driver by clicking on the setup file. Once driver is successfully installed, you can install the Intex PC suite to access your Intex mobile phone through PC suite.

GPRS settings guide are also available on Intex mobiles website which can be used to setup internet surfing on computer (PC) or laptop through 3G or 2G enabled Intex mobile phone and PC suite.

Still if you face a problem in configuring your Intex mobile just ask in comments below to get straight forward quick help.

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