Mar 292012
Free PDF Unlock Utility Tools To crack PDF files

Got a password protected PDF file ??  Here is a list of best PDF unlock software and services which can be used to unlock a PDF and remove the PDF security settings which  prevent opening, printing, or changing the PDF file.


Award winning free Online tool from Ensode.Net. It simply removes PDF printing, copying, pasting restrictions and give back a PDF with all restrictions removed. It works to unlock PDF files of size up to 5 MB.


Pdfcrypt is a free command line  PDF encrypt/decrypt utility to remove PDF restrictions on printing and copying. PdfCrypt can be installed on your desktop and is a very powerful tool supporting PDF files up to Adobe version 9. It can also be used to remove the password of a PDF  if known.


PDFDecrypt is a free online PDF unlock tool to unlock PDF files locked for printing or copying content. Actually it is online version of PDFCrypt described above.


This is a simple but powerful free tool to unlock  PDF files. It removes the password and restrictions on any PDF file.  You can install PDF Unlocker on your desktop. To unlock a PDF, just drag your PDF file on the Free PDF Unlocker icon and the new unlocked PDF will be saved on your desktop.


FreeMyPDF is another free online PDF unlock service to remove passwords and restrictions (such as printing, copying text, etc.) from PDF files. This tool unlock only viewable but protected PDF files.


PDF Password Remover tool is a free desktop installable PDF password recovery software for viewable but protected PDF documents which have their “owner” password set. This  tool will unlock and remove owner passwords from any PDF document.  It may be noted that this tool does not work on PDF files which you can not open i.e. PDF files with “User Password” set.


This free PDF cracker tool from Appmini can be installed on your desktop. PDF crack tool will let you recover passwords from any PDF. It supports Bruteforce algorithm to unlock PDF passwords. For download and detailed installation instructions visit Appmini website.


This is an open source application which is highly cited for cracking PDF passwords and unlocking Adobe PDFs. This is a command line utility. It supports both wordlists and bruteforcing the password. You can install PDFCrack on your desktop.

How to Use PDFCrack 

  • Download PDFCrack from the PDFCrack project page.
  • Unzip the file and place the contents in a single folder.
  • Copy the locked PDF also in the same folder.
  • Now open command prompt (Tip : Write ‘cmd’ in Run window and enter).
  • Drag and drop PDFCrack.exe in the command prompt window.
  • Press space bar to give space.
  • Again drag and drop Locked PDF in the same window.
  • Press Enter and the application will try to recover the PDF password for you.

Some screenshots of PDFCrack application can be found here.


PDFPirate is a free online PDF unlock service to enable Select, Copying contents and Printing on Restricted PDF Documents.


PDF Unlock is also a free utility online service to remove restrictions like printing and copying from secured PDF files. PDF size limit is 5MB.

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