Jun 052012
Download Rockmelt social web browser optimized for Facebook

Are you a Facebook Addict ? Download Rockmelt web browser to browse web from inside your Facebook profile. Rockmelt is optimized to give you quick access to your Facebook profile whenever you are online. See the review!!

Rockmelt is a browser based on the popular Chrome browser. On installation, it prompts you to log in using your Facebook account. Once you have logged in, it automatically shows your Facebook messages, friend requests and other notification directly in the browser tab bar. Thus whichever webpage you are on, you can always keep an eye on your Facebook messages or activity updates from friends.

Download Rockmelt Browser : For Facebook Fans

Rockmelt also prompts you to choose other social apps like Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube etc. which are always shown on the left of browser window and can be accessed anytime in a single click.

Rockmelt  browser apps

Your Facebook friends, both offline and online (available for chat) are shown in a narrow pane on the right side of Rockmelt browser.

Also, there is a Share button in Rockmelt’s address bar to help you share any webpage instantly on Facebook.

Other features of Rockmelt Social Web browser include almost all great features of Chrome browser like tabs-on-top, simple settings pane, lightning fast speeds and a social omnibox to search and browse.

Download Rockmelt here. You can also download Rockmelt for iPhone, but it is  not available for Android yet.

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