Dec 252011
Download Portable Firefox

If you are an avid Firefox fan and want to use Firefox on any computer without installing it, you can download and use Firefox portable and run Firefox on any computer or device from your USB drive or Pen drive.


Firefox portable edition : Advantages

1. Firefox portable is free to download and use through a USB or pen drive or any portable media like CD etc. To burn and run Firefox portable from a live CD you need to install and customize Firefox portable on your computer hard drive. After customizing just copy the FirefoxPortableSettings.ini file from your hard drive to the Firefox portable directory and burn the Firefox portable directory to CD.

2. Firefox portable is secure

No trace of your personal information like your username, passwords etc. is left behind on the computer or device you may be using. This privacy is specially useful for people surfing net on public computers like in cybercafe etc.

3. Your bookmarks are available everywhere on all machines where you use this portable Firefox i.e. you can carry all your bookmarks or favorites with you in this portable edition of Firefox.

4. Your Firefox add-ons or extensions are also portable i.e. available when you run Firefox portable through a USB drive on all devices or desktops.

4. All your browser settings and customizations are saved in the portable Firefox and you take them with you in your pen drive wherever you use Firefox portable.

5. You can run Java, Flash, PDF, Apps etc. using Firefox portable. You can find detailed instructions on installing and using these features with your Firefox portable version  here.

6. You can copy your local Firefox settings to your portable Firefox by copying data from local Firefox profile directory [C:\Documents and Settings\(User)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profile\]to your Portable Firefox profile directory [FirefoxPortable\Data\profile\]. Then delete FirefoxPortableSettings.ini file from the Firefox portable settings directory [FirefoxPortable\Data\Settings\]. See detailed instructions to port local Firefox settings to Firefox portable  on this page.

Download and install Firefox portable (for running from USB or Pen drive)

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