Jul 102011
Download Firefox 8.01(Nightly Build)

Firefox has been really bullish on developing its flagship browser Firefox at a breakneck speed. Only recently (??) Firefox 5.0 was released and now lightning fast Firefox 8.01 (Nightly build) is already here.

Firefox 8.01 will be a highly improved version of Firefox with improved interface and low memory usage. Memory usage has been an issue for Firefox for some time and it seems Mozilla developers are finally plugging in the memory leakages in Firefox.

Download Firefox 8.01(Nightly Build)

We tried it and here is our observation:

  1. It is really fast in our experience and it’s performance in terms of speed seems to outpace even Google Chrome in our tests. No editing ‘about:config’ or using addons or tips to improve speed of Firefox. It is inherently snappy and that is a welcome change.
  2. Interface is more or less similar.
  3. Memory usage definitely has improved a lot and with as many as 10 tabs it was still using a lot less memory than Firefox 5.0.

But it is still only a test version from Firefox team and not the final product, so it will be too early to say anything. You can download and try it yourself and also contribute to the development by reporting crashes and bugs.

To download and try Firefox 8.01 go to http://nightly.mozilla.org/ and download a suitable version.

Remember : A nightly build is an unstable version meant for test drives only.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with us in comments below!!

  • http://twitter.com/andy_alimin Andy Alimin

    Nice! Seems to change the order of the fastest browsing now to Firefox-Chrome-Safari-IExplorer :)