Sep 112011
Free Software to prevent online security threats

To have a more streamlined and focussed online security, here is a list of 5 free softwares to provide you robust online protection. These free softwares  prevent online security threats, Identity Theft and provide protection against Malware and Phishing attacks.


We discussed tips to secure your online transactions in a recent post. Check it out!!

Note: All these Privacy Protection Software are available in paid versions as well. We have discussed only the free versions of these online security tools in this post.

1. KeyScrambler Personal

Keyscambler personal free edition is a well known tool to encrypt your keystrokes before they reach the browser and avoid password hacking. This prevents online theft of any login credentials or financial information entered through keyboard. It has arguably the best Anti-Keylogging technology and works pretty well.

As noted on KeyScrambler’s official website:

“…protects your keystrokes in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Flock, including online shopping and online banking (e.g., your login credentials, credit card numbers, addresses); Web email (e.g., Yahoo mail, hotmail, and gmail); search terms, Java, Flash, PDF Forms, Browser Dialogs, browser master passwords; and your inputs on all websites.”

KeyScrambler Personal Anti-Keylogging addon is available only for Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, & Flock. If you are an avid  Google Chrome or Opera or Safari web browser fan, you need to check out other free privacy protection software on this list.

Download KeyScrambler –  Free Privacy Protection Software

2. Neo’s SafeKeys

Neo’s Safekey is a freeware program to protect your personal information (Login credentials, Passwords, Internet Banking credentials etc.) from online theft. It provides protection against Key Loggers, Screenloggers, and common malware. It is essentially a virtual keyboard which when invoked will deactivate your physical keyboard and force you to use Neo’s SafeKeys.

Download Neo’s Safekey – Free Privacy Protection Software

3. Prevx SafeOnline

Prevx Safeonline is a well known tool to secure banking transactions and online security in general. It offers more features than the KeyScrambler and Neo’s SafeKeys besides Anti-Keylogging  functionality. It allows you to do a lot of custom settings as seen in screenshot below.

free software to prevent online theft of your information

You can also set the level of protection and also list websites to be included in protection or excluded.

Download Prevx Safeonline – Free Privacy Protection Software

4. Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport is an effective online security free software specially geared towards online banking security. It has an official mandate to work with a large number of leading banks worldwide and offer security automatically to the internet banking customers of those banks. In India for example, Trusteer software works with ICICI online banking website. Besides these auto protected websites you can also set Trusteer to monitor websites of your choice as well. It acts as an Anti-Keylogging and Anti-Screen capturing along with prevention of Phishing and Malware. (I wanted to post a screenshot but it is not allowing me to capture anything!! Voila…It works…!!)

Download Trusteer RapportFree Privacy Protection Software

5. NextGen AntiKeylogger

Free version of NextGen AntiKeylogger protects Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari from online security threats.It intercepts keystrokes and encrypt them before reaching the intended website. It is light on system resources and provide basic online protection to an average user of internet banking or other secure logins.

Download NextGen AntiKeylogger – Free Privacy Protection Software

If you know any other free or paid software which provides excellent online security against online Identity theft, Key logging, Malware and Phishing attacks, please share in comments for the benefit of our readers.