Apr 142012
15 Free Instagram Photo Sharing Alternatives for iPhone & Android

Popular photo sharing app Instagram has been bought by Facebook recently. If this gives you any reason to worry about your photo sharing needs we have compiled a list of  15 photo sharing apps which can be a worthy Instagram alternative on your iPhone or Android phone.

You may need to explore Instagram alternatives because :

  • Facebook may turn Instagram into a Facebook photo only app like it has done with Snaptu earlier.
  • Facebook may kill the mobile version and launch the web version only as a social feature.
  • Probably you hate Facebook (Don’t be surprised!! Many real living people really hate Facebook!!) and just the thought of using something owned by Mark Zuckerberg makes you nasty.

Whichever be your reason to ditch Instagram, the below mentioned Instagram alternatives will surely not disappoint you.

Photo Sharing apps (Alternatives to Instagram) for iPhone or Android

1. Vignette  for Android

  • Free and Paid versions.
  • 76 customisable photo effects and 57 frames.
  • Retro/vintage styles, LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles, Polaroid/instant camera styles etc.
  • Vignette can also act as full featured Camera app but effects while shooting are available only in paid version.

2. Pixlr-o-matic for AndroidFree Instagram pixel-o-matic Photo Sharing Alternative

  • Tons of effects and powerful photo filters.
  • Vintage look photo with Retro style.
  • Lighting effects.
  • Editing is pretty.
  • Add effects, overlays and borders.

3. Camera360  for Android

  • Full fledged camera app ahead of Instagram.
  • Share photos easily and quickly.
  • Effects and Photo filters available.

4. PicYou for iPhone

  • Cool PicYou frames and filters.
  • Unlimited uploads to the cloud and instant sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Likes & comments exchange program.
  • Full camera capability, front and back.
  • Access PicYou on the web at PicYou.com

(Courtesy : Apple App store)

5. Molome  for Android

  • Also available for Nokia phones at Ovi Store.
  • User interface is similar to Instagram.
  • Large number of filters like Tilt Shift filter etc.
  • Badge system like Foursquare.
  • Access MoloMe on the web interactively.

6. Lightbox for Android

  • Photo browser (News photo, Flickr Photos and Popular photos) for Android devices.
  • Photo Sharing feature to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare.
  • Some good photo capture filters available.

7. Streamzoo for Android

  • Winner of ‘Best Android Photo Sharing App’ in 2011.
  • Range of effects and border options like Instagram.

8. TaDaa for iPhoneFree Instagram tadaa Photo Sharing Alternative

  • Fast Camera application.
  • Cool filters and effects.
  • HD clarity and Full exif  support.

9. EyeEm for iPhone and Android

  • Photo effects and lenses.
  • Automatic tagging and grouping of photos.

10. Flixel  for iPhoneFree flixel Instagram Photo Sharing Alternative

  • Live animation and custom designed filters.
  • Share instantly to Twitter, FB and Tumblr.
  • Support on Flixel website.

11. Picplz for iPhone

  • Edit, style and easy sharing of your images.
  • Free photo effect tools.
  • Upload and photo sharing to FB, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous & Foursquare.

12. Hipster  for iPhone

  • Upload photos in cool postcard format.
  • Share photos on the go and see photos shared by people around the world.
  • A vibrant app community.

13. Pinweel for iPhoneFree Instagram Photo Sharing Alternative

  • Easy-to-create albums.
  • Cool photo filters.
  • Simple use photo sharing app.

14. Via.Me for iPhone

  • 15 free custom designed filters.
  • Social sharing of photos and photo feeds.
  • Get notified instantly when your photo gets comments.

15. Camera ZOOM FX for Android

  • Award-winning camera app for Android
  • 1-click upload photo to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc
  • Hardware Customization options available

Which photo sharing mobile app do you use??

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