Oct 012011
New year 2013 Facebook cover photo

If you are not aware of  Facebook Timeline already, then here is a brief primer for you. Facebook is in the process of introducing a new kind of Facebook Profile design named Facebook Timeline. You can sign up for this Timeline profile in advance now!! Learn how to sign up early for a Facebook Timeline Profile.

Your Facebook information shall be presented to you in a new and intuitive way in this new Facebook Timeline view. Mashable has even shared some mock-ups of Facebook Timeline profiles showing how you will be able to design a beautiful and amazing Facebook profile design for your Facebook profile.

Sign Up for Facebook profile Timeline!!

To sign up for Facebook Timeline simply log into your Facebook account and visit Facebook Timeline Profile design Page .

On this page you will find a button at the bottom to “Sign Up”. Click that and you are done. You will be one of the first users to be introduced to the new Facebook Timeline profile design when it is launched.


Don’t forget to share your views on new Facebook Timeline Profile design in comments below!!

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  • http://profiles.google.com/d.martins.35 D. Martins

    i couldnt click on the “sign me up” button.

    • http://indigic.com Sid

      You have to logged into facebook in other window or tab or in the same window for that “Sign me up” button to be enabled. Please try again after logging into Facebook first.

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    If you have activated the Facebook timeline then grab some cool covers for your Facebook timeline profile at http://fbprofilecovers.com

  • http://newfbcovers.com Facebook Covers

    Timeline is great, awesome features in it.