Apr 042012
One Minute on Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know that every minute 277000 people login to Facebook and in the same minute 320+ Twitter accounts are created online. See what happens in Online world in one minute in this Infographic from Intel depicting thing happening online in one Internet minute.

Intel has released this infographic which shows a graphical view of all the hectic activity going on in one minute on Internet.

What Happens On Internet in One Minute? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The purpose of this infographic seems  simply to create awareness in computing industry about what lies in future. It tells that this is what happening every minute on Internet TODAY. In 2015, the number of networked smart devices in the world will be double the world population. In that year, you can very well imagine, what will be the magnitude of activities in an Internet minute!!! Will our existing Mobile and Computer networks be able to handle this explosion of web activity?? This nudges the computing world to think up solutions of tomorrow, keeping in mind the impending overwhelming computing requirements by the year 2015. All this is shown vividly in this cool infographic.

What Happens in an Internet Minute? [Courtesy: Intel]

Whats your take on this increase of networked devices?? Will this explosion be an unmanageable beast for online services ?? Share your thoughts in Comments!!!