Feb 152012
Facebook Timeline profiles

Facebook has rolled out Facebook Timeline profiles for all Facebook users.You can signup for Timeline profile in advance and test drive it on Facebook.  If you have already signed up for Facebook Timeline but want to see your old Facebook Profile there is a simple trick to do it.

You may want to revert back to your old Facebook profile for one of the following reasons:

  • You are more comfortable navigating Facebook in old profile
  • You want to make some changes (like removing an old photo) in your Facebook profile but don’t know how to do that in Timeline.
  • You want to retrieve an information urgently but not able to find your old familiar button in new Timeline Profile
  • You don’t like Timeline cover format.

How to switch back from Facebook Timeline to old Facebook Profile

When you log into Facebook you will see your Timeline Profile by default. Look at your browser address bar

Simple trick to see your old (i.e. before timeline) Facebook Profile.

As you can see, the address in the browser address bar is of the format


To see your old facebook profile just delete  <YOUR_USER_NAME>  and press enter to refresh the page. Now instead of your default Timeline profile your old facebook profile will appear.

see your old Facebook Profile

You can navigate your old facebook profile as you used to do earlier. To go back to timeline profile just click on your user name in the Facebook home bar and you will be taken back to your facebook timeline profile.

switch to old Facebook Profile

Remember that, soon Facebook Timeline will become a mandatory rollout and your profile will be permanently switched to Facebook Timeline profile whether you like it or not !! Then this trick may not work but as of now you can use it to enjoy the best of both versions of Facebook profiles.

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      As on date it is possible.