Nov 202011
safeguard your Facebook account from against hacking and other malware and virus attacks.

Recent incidents of Facebook account hacking attacks paint a serious issue with Facebook security. Here are 5 useful and essential tips to safeguard your Facebook account from against hacking and other malware and virus attacks.

1. Enable high security on Facebook

Go to Facebook “Account Settings–>Security Settings“. Here,

Enter your ‘Security Question‘ and answer.

Enable  ‘Secure Browser‘ to use secure connection to Facebook.

Enable  ‘Login Notification‘  to tell you if some one logins into your FB account.

2. Beware of Facebook lookalike websites or Phishing sites

Always check the URL in your browser address bar before logging into Facebook. You don’t want your password and username to land in some hackers net. To avoid Facebook Phishing attack, see an excellent article on Facebook phishing attack here.

3.  Don’t share your Facebook password with anybody (absolutely)

It is obvious,isn’t it?? If you can not keep Facebook password to yourself,  how can you expect someone else to do the same.

4. Don’t respond to any suspicious App or Link on Facebook

Allowing any dubious App to access your Facebook account or to click on any tempting but suspicious link on Facebook Wall or Facebook News post is a sure way to get your Facebook account spammed or hacked.

Example of a suspicious Facebook Link:

secure your Facebook account from hackers

Every Facebook App asks for your permission to access your Facebook profile data during installation. If you are in doubt about an Apps intention or approach just ignore it. Also, avoid trying out new Apps without learning about them from trusted resources.

5. Avoid clicking on Facebook “Like” button everywhere on the Internet.

facebook like button

Don’t click on ‘Like’ button specially on suspicious or untrustworthy websites. An innocent looking “Like” button may be a rogue link to access your Facebook data without your permission or knowledge.

Follow these simple things to avoid hacking of your Facebook account.

Have other ideas to avoid Facebook hacking?? Please tell us in comments below.