May 212011

Why Bing video search is better than google video search

Google has introduced the instant video previews on Google search page a few days back. Bing already has video previews right from it’s launch (Microsoft did a thoughtful job there!!). As both are rivals in search market we couldn’t stop ourselves from comparing the two services from a user’s prespective.

We wanted to know what new feature has Google brought to the table with it’s video previews.Here is the analysis.

The interface

Advantage: Bing

Bing has a grid style interface with video thumbs. There is an option to change it to list style with text snippets. You see a video preview when you hover mouse over any video thumbnail.You can switch off the sound in previews. Previews shows frames at different time intervals and clicking on a video takes you to Bing video page showing the video in embedded window with search results below it.

Bing Video search is still better than Google Video Search


Bing Video search interface is still better than Google Video Search


In contrast, Google makes you click one extra time to see a four frame – five seconds long- video preview strip displayed next to search results. The preview strip contains four frames which play on mouse hover. Sound mute button is here as well. As such Google’s video search interface offers no significant advantage from usability perspective. In fact it offers less as you don’t have the option to view videos in a grid.

Relevance of Video search results

Advantage: Neither

Unless you are looking for some particular video the relevance of results was ok in both search engines. A search for videos for “Adam”  in both Google and bing threw similar results . In video search it is the topic that most people are interested in and both do a fair job here. But what makes Bing better here is that it offers  more videos on a single page in grid style than Google and that helps to reach relevant results quicker than one could have in the Google’s list style presentation.


Advantage: Bing

Only distinct feature that Google gives you is to see videos from a custom time range as well as the most recent ones while Bing offers only the most recent ones. Otherwise the options are similar. However one thing that made Bing smarter was that it realized I was looking for a person’s videos  and offered related people names for search. That is cool!!

Bing Vs Google


Google owns Youtube and Microsoft has already accused Google of not allowing it to index Youtube videos properly.This, if true, may have some effect on Bing’s video search results though the effects are not that marked in our observation. Bing video search is better in terms of Usability, Features and Presentation than Google video search. With Facebook signals coming into Bing’s search algorithms we can expect even better video search results on Bing considering Facebook’s awesome reach and curated results.

Which one do YOU think is better? Comment and let us know.