Aug 102010

Stickies is a free desktop productivity software to store little nudgets of information that may come handy anytime.Also it functions as an excellent To-Do list utility. It is a must have to have a highly productive desktop keeping you in sync with your tasks and information. Read on to find out how it may help to increase your business productivity.

Stickies desktop notes productivity utility
Developed by Zhornsoftware, this small but powerful utility stores information in text files in small easy windows which behave like a real paper sticky note and remain at their place even after reboots until you close them. Main features of Stickies from the point of view of increasing productivity are:
1. Everyday you can make a To-do list for next day on a sticky note and next day when you boot your computer, first thing you will see is your sticky note telling you of your tasks ahead.It has an alarm feature to remind you of your deadlines increasing productivity while you are at work.
2. Colors can be set on a sticky note so as to organize information easily. Also A sticky note can be set to fade or become transparent when not being used.
3. Title can be set to any text you desire.There is an option of highlighting  text helping you mark your text better.
4. Stickies can be sent directly over network (Intranet or LAN) and you can have advantages of a collobarative information sharing without any hassles.
5. Keyboard shortcuts are available to quickly open and close sticky notes.
6. One very useful feature is that you can set sticky note to be on top of all windows making it easy to note down important info while working online or offline.
7. There are other options also to give you full control over your sticky notes like Skins,Backup,Restore etc.
Stickies options
In all, it is a well rounded freeware software to increase your productivity by helping you organize and access information and tasks quickly and easily.You can download Stickies here. If you know of a similar software please share in comments..!!