Jul 192010
How to type Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word

The new Indian Rupee symbol has been released by the Indian Government and you must be craving to use it in your word reports, powerpoint presentations and other stationaries.

This post has been updated!! See end of the post for updated information.

Though the Indian Goverment has still to come out with a standard method or a standard key in your keyboard to be able to actually use Rupee symbol in Microsoft office suite (MS Word, Powerpint , etc.) there is surely a method available for now  to type Indian currency on computer.

How to type Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Word

You just need to download a Font developed by an Indian firm Foradian Technologies, to be able to use the symbol in your office suite or microsoft word or powerpoint presentations. Following are the steps required to write the symbol in printable format.

1. Click here to download the Rupee Foradian Font or download from original source (http://blog.foradian.com).

It is the “Rupee_Foradian.ttf” file.

2. Once you have downloaded the font file (i.e.Rupee_Foradian.ttf), just paste it  in your fonts directory. Go to Control panel>Fonts and paste the file there.

3. Now open your office document (MS Word, Powerpint , etc.) and select your font as “Rupee Foradian” from the dropdown list. Once you have done that just press the Tilda key (The key just above the Tab key and  to the left of key for numeral 1 and you will see the Rupee Symbol.

insert Rupee_symbol_key on windows keyboard

The symbol is resizable as per font size and it behaves just like any other normal letter or alphabet.

UPDATE: Now you can also download a Microsoft Hotfix to enable typing of Rupee symbol in Windows Vista, in Windows Server 2008, in Windows 7 and in Windows Server 2008 R2. This works with fonts Ariel, Tahoma and ‘Times New Roman’ fonts in MS-Word and other MS-Office products. Just install the hotfix. Then select any of the above three fonts. Type 20b9 and press ALT+X after that i.e. press ALT and X together on your keyboard. The 20b9 will be converted to Rupee symbol. For other cases, Foradian font will work as earlier.

So go ahead and proudly use the new symbol of  emerging india. If you know of any other method of writing/typing the symbol, don’t forget to share it in comments..!!