Aug 162010

We all are familiar with common word document formats like .doc or .docx etc.But suppose you recieve a file with a .odt extension from a friend or colleague. How to open a .odt file? Or say you downloaded a guide from web which is in .sxw format. How to read it? TextMaker Viewer is a small document viewer that will let you view all common and uncommon text document formats.Read on to know more.

Odt and Sxw document formats

You might have heard of  document extensions like .ODT or .SXW or .PWD (Pocket PC handheld) earlier as well.These are one of the many Openoffice/Open source document formats and if you work primarily on Microsoft Word you will not be able to open them using MS-Word. TextMaker Viewer helps you to open and read these document formats quickly.

It is small (size is 4 MB only) and works perfectly well.Some of the nifty features of TextMaker Viewer are :

(A) Opens documents in tabs for easy switching between documents.It is easier to view documents this way than to go to windows taskbar and click on the exact document out of say five open docs which is an annoyance.

(B) It can open all text documents formats  including .doc,.docx,.sxw and .odt. A complete list of compatible formats can be found at the developer’s site.

(C) Another cool feature is “Export to Pdf” which saves you the hassle of installing additional softwares to convert word document to pdf (with annoying adscreens) especially for users of old MS-Word 2003.

(D) Simple functions like Print,FAX and send as email are available in TextMaker Viewer.

This small document viewer saves you from installing a full fledge open source word processor like Openoffice just to be able to view a file.However with its limited capability it can not help you to edit documents. But it comes in handy when you just want to read the contents quickly and in tabs.

TextMaker Viewer can be downloaded here.

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