Jul 132012
How to open .CRX file (Chrome Extension file)

CRX files are Google Chrome extension archive files which add extra functionality to popular web browser Google Chrome. If you want to open or Unpack .CRX archive files for development purpose here is a tutorial for you.

The Google Chrome Extension file type is CRX. Essentially .CRX is a compression format like ZIP or RAR.

how to open crx file

You may want to open a .CRX  file in the following cases :

  1. You want to open .crx file to see extension files like the script, manifest file, code etc.
  2. You want to modify the code inside crx file to alter the chrome extension features.
  3. You want to check the extension .Crx files for malware etc.
  4. You want to add a Chrome extension to Google chrome from a website other than Google Chrome store
Whatever may be your reason to open a CRX  file, here are two simple ways to open a CRX file or Chrome extension.
1. Change the file-type or extension from .CRX to .ZIP by renaming the file. As CRX is essentially a compression format any extraction software like Winzip, WinRar or 7Zip or Openfreely should be able to open the chrome extension .CRX file. Then just double click to unzip and access the unpacked files. 
2. Many times changing the file type by renaming may not work properly. In that scenario, simply double click the file to open it. When Windows prompt you to select a program from the list like WInzip or WinRar etc. from the list of programs to open the .CRX file.
Once CRX archive is open in Winzip or WinRar or 7Zip you can extract the files to a folder for further usage.
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