Jul 292011
How to move all facebook Photos to GooglePlus?

If you have joined Google Plus and want to move all your photos or pics from Facebook to Google Plus then here is a Chrome app for it. This app transfers all your Facebook photos to Picasa web albums making them available in Google Plus for sharing with your circles.


GooglePlus has reached 10M users in two weeks. It has created quite a buzz in the social web space.

If you are still waiting for your invite just visit Indigic Facebook page and leave a comment with your gmail username. We will be glad to send you a free invitation to join Googleplus.

Migration from Facebook to Google Plus will take some time but in the meantime you can share same photos with your Googleplus circle as with your Facebook  Profile Friends.

To Move all photos from Facebook to Googleplus follow these steps:

1. Install “Move Your Photos” app from Chrome Webstore. A small yellow icon of “Move Your Photos” app will appear besides your address bar.

Trick to move all facebook Photos to GooglePlus
migrate all photos from facebook to GooglePlus

2. Log in to your Facebook account.

3. Log in to your Picasa web albums. Use your Googleplus account in which you want your photos to be uploaded.

4. Click on the ”Move Your Photos” app icon.

5. Application will ask for access to Facebook data like all normal Facebook apps. Grant access.

6. If you don’t see the upload page just refresh the page to see the upload window with all your Facebook photos lined up. You can select which photos are to be uploaded. By default, all Facebook photos are selected.

move all facebook images to GooglePlus

7. Click on upload and you will see the upload counter uploading photos one by one. Albums are uploaded to Picasa web albums with the same folder names as in Facebook. You can also arrange photos in albums inside Picasa.

8. Once done you can see all your Facebook Photos in Google Picasa as well as in Gooogleplus.

move all facebook Photos to GooglePlus

This way you can move all your photos or pics from Facebook to Googleplus. Now share your photos with your Googleplus circles and enjoy!!!