May 242011

How to create disposable or temporary email address in Yahoo MailYou may need a disposable email address for hiding your real identity online while providing your email address to anybody or anywhere online or offline. Now Yahoo in new Yahoo mail beta offers to create and use free disposable or temporary email address to use and throw at your leisure. Read on to learn how.

Benefits of a disposable email address

  • Hides your real identity
  • protect your real mail account from spammers
  • You don’t bother about forgetting password to these disposable accounts

Creating a disposable  Email address using Yahoo mail

Yahoo has introduced new redesigned user interface  for Yahoo mail with new features and improvements.  One of these is “Create Disposable Email Addresses”  which has been given more importance by Yahoo mail as a mail service feature than a mere anti-spam protection as it was earlier.

To create a disposable email address log in to your yahoo mail beta then follow the following steps

Yahoo disposable email addresses

1. Go to OPTIONS

2. Click on “disposable email address

3. Click on  ”Add Address

A pop-up window will ask you to specify the Base name for your disposable address.

creation of your first disposable or temporary email address on yahoo mail

Remember you can create this base name for only two times for a Yahoo account so be careful to choose an anonymous name. Click on next.It takes a few seconds to create your base name and then you are all set to create your first out of 500 disposable email addresses.

4. Next you are presented with a Pop-up to complete the process.You will be asked to write a keyword for creating a temporary email address. If you want to use this disposable email address on a shopping site you can keep this keyword as shop to help you remember it easily. However there is no restriction and you can keep it whatever you want.


creation of your first disposable or temporary email address on yahoo mail

Just fill in the keyword as you like  for e.g. tech, social, shop anything. Choose spamguard protection. Choose a folder where you will like mails addressed to this email go and save to create your temporary email address. That’s it!!

You can delete it whenever you like and you can create 500 temporary email addresses like this with different keywords.

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  • Traveler284

    Hi, I am not able to create a disposable address. I create the base name and then the next box does not show up… can u help?

    • Sid

      That next button is not loading for me as well. May be it is a temporary bug in Yahoo servers. Try again after a couple of days to see if it is fixed. I will also keep checking and post update here if it is fixed.