Aug 042010

Finally, there is a news from Google camp at Redmond which is of  major significance for all users of Google web services like Gmail, Orkut, Apps, Analytics and Adsense etc. Google may provide access or login to multiple google accounts simultaneously in the same browser window.

Google applications

Essentially that means that you will be able to check gmail mails from one google account in one browser tab and write scrap to your friend on orkut from another account in the other browser tab.Presently if you try to access another google service when you are already logged in one of your accounts, Google takes you directly to the orkut profile of your loggedin account.It is good that Google has realized (though lately!!) that with so many mutually exclusive Google services available for users its only logical to provide a login option for each service when opened in the same browser window.

Meanwhile, You can use a Firefox greasemonkey script to log into multiple Google accounts (Read here) . It works for Gmail and Orkut and hopefully it will work for other google services too though we have not tested that.

What other features would you like to have in Google services? Don’t forget to share your ideas on this in comments!!