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Generate and use SBI Virtual Credit Card

India’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) recently launched its Virtual Credit Card or Debit Card service to facilitate safe and secure transactions for its customers. Here is a step by step guide to generate a SBI Virtual Credit Card for online transactions.

Earlier we have covered a primer on Virtual Credit Cards in India. Other Indian banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Axis Bank have already rolled out Virtual Credit Card services in India. State Bank of India (SBI) has now joined the list of  banks providing virtual credit card (VCC) or virtual debit card facility in India.

Virtual Credit or debit cards help you keep your actual Credit card details and bank details confidential specially while shopping online.

How to Create or Generate Online State Bank of India (SBI) Virtual Credit Card

1. Login to your SBI internet banking (personal banking) account on OnlineSBI website.

2. After you are logged in go to ” Requests” tab.

 How to  Generate and use SBI Virtual Credit Card

3. In the left pane go to State Bank Virtual Card option.

create and use SBI Virtual Credit Card

4. Fill in the requisite amount. Note that Minimum amount is Rs. 100/- and Maximum amount limit is Rs. 50,000/-. This means you can not have a virtual credit card with a virtual credit limit of more than Rs. 50000/-.

download SBI Virtual Credit Card

Once you are sure of the amount or credit limit, Tick the agreement and click on “Generate” button.

5. You will be asked to confirm the details.

accept SBI Virtual Credit Card

6. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your SBI Internet banking registered mobile number. Enter that password in the next screen.

Shop with SBI Virtual Credit Card

7. Your SBI Virtual Credit Card will be created and ready for use.

Get SBI Virtual Credit Card

8. You can see status of your SBI Virtual Credit Card anytime by going to the “Virtual Card Details” tab. It will show you card status as Used, Unsued or Cancelled.

status of  SBI Virtual Credit Card

How to cancel State Bank of India (SBI) Virtual Credit Card?

To cancel your unused State Bank of India (SBI) Virtual Credit/Debit Card just log into your personal banking account, Go to the SBI Virtual Card section as shown above and click on “Cancel Virtual Card” tab. Select the card to be cancelled and click the “Cancel” button.

Cancel SBI Virtual Credit Card

Where you can use State Bank of India (SBI) Virtual Credit Card?

  • You can use SBI Virtual Credit card for all online transactions and purchases where VISA Credit/Debit cards are accepted.
  • You can use it for online shopping, online bill payments and online railways and movie ticket bookings.
  • This SBI Virtual Credit / Debit card is valid for 24-48 hours or till the transaction is complete.
  • Payment is debited from your account only when you actually purchase something online using your Virtual Credit / Debit card not when you create the virtual credit card. Hence there is No Loss of Bank Interest by generating and using SBI Virtual Credit card.

While using online banking don’t forget to follow our  online banking safety tips.

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  • prashant jethwa

    Thanks for info. I have some questions can you help me?
    Can we use this SBI virtual card as a visa card?
    Godaddy allows only credit card or visa card for payment so can i use this SBI virtual card to buy domain ?


    • http://indigic.com Sid

      Welcome aboard Prashant,
      You can use this SBI virtual card where VISA cards are allowed. But I am afraid you can not buy domains from Godaddy using this card, as this is a domestic card and can not be used for international payments.

      • prashant jethwa

        Ok.. Thank you sid. :)

        • http://twitter.com/priteshdesai Pritesh Desai

          hi prashant,
          did it work? even I want to try godaddy…

  • Anand

    Just one question can we use dis in google play store to purchase apps?

    • http://indigic.com Sid

      Though I have not tried it but I think you can’t use SBI virtual card to buy apps from Google app store. Still just give it a try and see if it works.

  • Raman Chaturvedi

    Great info on creation. Thanks.

  • Rakesh

    Can we use it for buying apps in Apple Appstore.

    • http://indigic.com Sid

      you can make all domestic payments but no international payments.

  • Rakesh

    Also I tried, the very first page ask Card number than in the same page ask security code. Where I will get this?

    • http://indigic.com Sid

      do you mean CVV number by Security code??

  • Taranjeetschawla

    will this work for my debit card by sbi . or will i need a sbi credit card . i badly need a paypal account . or should i change the bank

    • http://indigic.com Sid

      It will work on online SBI bank account.

  • http://indigic.com Sid

    You need an international credit card for a verified paypal account.

  • http://indigic.com Sid

    Thanks you deepak for encouraging words.
    All purchases made through this card shall be refunded to your SBI account. You can not extend the validity of SBI virtual card.

  • http://indigic.com Sid

    All purchases within India can be made using SBi virtual card as this is a domestic card. For other transactions you need a real credit card or a paypal account.

  • Eternal

    It only works in India and Nepal and in INR currency. So its next to useless. Was excited when it was announced, got depressed when it released.