Mar 252012
Mozilla Firefox Demo channel for Latest Web Technologies

Are you the one who likes to experience the cutting edge web apps or try out cool games exploiting technologies like Multitouch and HTML5?? Then you must not miss the Mozilla Firefox Demo channel. Find out which are the coolest and  latest web technologies on Firefox demo channel.

Mozilla developer Network has some (247 as on date) cool web demonstrations up its sleeves. These demos are apps and games which are thriving in the shadows of other giants like Firefox from Mozilla which hog all the limelight. These games etc. are simple and complex web apps submitted by Mozilla developers.

Latest Web Technologies on Mozilla Firefox Demo channel

What makes these apps and games special is that they demonstrate the use of latest and upcoming technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Multitouch etc. Some are fairly simple and basic while others are complex apps. They are not finished products so don’t expect them to behave like that !!

Simply put if you are a developer or have an interest in web technologies and concepts you can spend some quality fun time on Mozilla Firefox Demo channel playing Firefox games !!

You can also submit your own demo to Firefox demo channel. Moreover if you like a particular demo you can freely download the source code from the launch page.

Visit Mozilla Firefox Demo channel here. My favorite apps and games so far are Blocks-Physicsbouncy-and-the-appleThe Browser Fountain (Shown below) and The Planetarium.

mozilla firefox  demos are apps and games

 Tell us what are yours??

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