Apr 222012
SMS to Know Account Balance & Mobile Top Up Using SBI SMS banking.

A brief guide on how you can know your Account balance, Top up your mobile, Transfer funds and Recharge your TataSky or Dish TV connection simply by sending a SMS to State Bank of India (SBI)  using SMS banking.

This post is for State Bank of India (SBI)  customers only.

In our earlier post we talked about how to register and activate State Bank of India (SBI) SMS banking service.

SMS for Balance Enquiry

<Sbal> <UserId> <Mpin>  to 9223440000

For E.g.

Sbal  4iz67  8768

where 4iz67 is my SMS banking user id and 8768 is my MPIN.

You will get a message that shows the balance in your account.

SMS for  Mini statement

For receiving a mini statement of the account, send following SMS to 9223440000:

<Smin> <UserId> <Mpin>  to 9223440000

For E.g.

Sbal  4iz67  8768

where 4iz67 is my SMS banking user id and 8768 is my MPIN.

You will get a message showing the last five transactions in the account.

SMS for  Fund Transfer

You can transfer Money to accounts in SBI or in other Banks through Mobile to Mobile Money Transfer using Inter-bank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS).

To use this service you need to have :

  • Account number of the person to whom money is to be transferred (Beneficiary).
  • MMID (Mobile Money ID) allotted to person to whom money is to be transferred by his bank.

How to get MMID (For SBI customers only)

MMID is a 7 digit code provided by your bank. As SBI customer if you have already registered for SBI Mobile Banking just go to any SBI ATM and do the following:

Swipe your Debit Card => Select Mobile Registration=> enter ATM PIN => Select SMS /Secure Code / IMPS => enter Registered mobile number => Tap “Confirm“.

Your MMID will be sent to you on your Mobile. If you are not registered for Mobile banking contact your bank branch to get your 7 digit MMID.

To Transfer money to another account.

Send the  following SMS to 9223440000:

<IMPS><Mobile No><MMID><amount><User ID><MPIN><Purpose(optional field)>  to 9223440000

For E.g.

IMPS   9876543210    1234567    10000   4iz67   8768    RentPayment to 9223440000 


9876543210  is Beneficiary’s Mobile no.  

1234567   is Beneficiary’s MMID.

10000 is the Amount to be transferred.

RentPayment is Purpose.

4iz67 is my SMS banking user id and 8768 is my MPIN.

You will get a message that your IMPS transaction is successful and money will be transferred to the desired account.

SMS for Mobile Top Up of Prepaid Connection

<Stopup>  <UserId>   <Mpin>    <Operator of the mobile no>  <Mob no >   <Amount>

For E.g.

To top up an Airtel Mobile No. 9876543210 for Rs. 100/- send the following to  9223440000

Stopup  4iz67  8768  Airtel  9876543210   100   

where 4iz67 is my SMS banking user id and 8768 is my MPIN

If the transaction is successful,mobile will receive a confirmation message.

SMS for Recharging Tata Sky / BigTV/ DishTV/ SunDirect Connections

<Sdth><UserId><Mpin><Service Provider><DTH serial number><amount>

  • For Tata Sky and Dish TV minimum top up amount is Rs 200/-.
  • For Sun Direct top up can be done for Rs 25/100/110/133/200/300/328/400/500/1000.
  • For Big TV minimum top up value is Rs 10/-.

A brief list of SBI SMS Banking Keywords can be found here.

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