Aug 182010

Blackberry phone service is well known for its Push Email services which are considered highly reliable and lightning fast.This service is available only in select countries.Now users in India can get a blackberry like push email service on their GSM mobile phones to recieve emails from their Gmail,yahoo or rediff mail accounts.

Push Email service in India

The service is provided by  However, unlike blackberry which runs on GPRS technology, this service runs on GSM technology and can be accessed on any GSM capable  phone. Majority of mobiles in india are GSM enabled phones ( specially low end phones).  This is a major advantage of the service for users who are in an area where GPRS is not available.


A GSM phone supporting Java OR MIDP 2.0 + OR CLDC 1.1 +. A list of compatible phones can be found here.

Blacmail application which can be downloaded free of cost on your PC to load it in your mobile or  you can install directly on your cellphone. Blacmail Application/software can be downloaded here.

Advantages : How it helps your productivity

1. Works on GSM. GPRS is not required.

2. Supports POP access letting you recieve emails from your Gmail or accounts. Practically it will support all email services with pop3 access.

3. Get instant mails as mails are pushed on to your mobile almost instantly.

Security :

Service gives you a PIN code which you can change to have full ontrol over your service.

Data flows though blacmail servers which the company claims are very secure.


Blacmail Service charges you SMS rates depending on the mail size.You can use the Whitelist feature of the application to configure which mails you want to recieve to minimize your expenses and to get rid of spam mails.

Installing the Push email service application is a breeze.I am running it for trial and will post a review soon. This will certainly help people to increase their work & business productivity in an affordable way.Meanwhile if you have used the service or have any question don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments!!